The destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah is a very difficult reality. For many, this is a prime reason to avoid God, and anything religious, finding a contradiction between this act and the proclamation of love and forgiveness presented in the New Testament.

The destruction of entire cities, and the surroundings area is not supposed to be taken lightly. It is a tragedy. It is sad. It is something that should call our attention. And in this case, it is just. No, it is not a permit for us, humans, to nuke one another or to embrace genocide as a way of life (funny, because it seems like we are very well in our way to do so without much of external motivation).

What makes this a beautiful judgement? Two things:

1. The fact that God remains being God. He never changes; he cannot be made to change his opinion by human agents. This should give us peace and security. To know that what he promised, he does, must remind us that those he saves, he will take all the way to glory. God always keeps his word, not only in the case of judging evil.

2. His personal intervention to save those who belong to him. He read in this passage that the angels took Lot by his hand, to take him out of the city. Because of just one person, our God decided to intervene personally. Even when he knew that person would not cooperate completely, and that later he will fail.

I myself need God to intervine personally, to rescue me. And yes, most of the time I refuse to follow the escape route, coming with my own brilliant ideas.

My Lord, help me out.