I think I have mentioned this before… every Sunday it feels like the first time. I mean, there is this sence of not knowing what will happen in any particular Sunday. We are congregation so young, that we are not ‘set’ in any particular way. Ther has not been a ‘regular’ Sunday, yet. I think I like it like that.

Today we started one minute late, and I believe it was the fact that we didn’t have that many people present at 10:00 AM. There was a little issues at the beginning of the service, some distractions, that made me think this would be a low Sunday… and then, it happened… again! The Lord showed me that it is really Him who is calling the shots. We had two families (three adults, and two children) who came to visit. They are from the community we have been serving for a while. For many reasons, their visit was like a cup of cool water in a very, very hot day.

And then, our Music & Arts team blessed us greatly. Those guys are the best! Our worship pastor was very good. The Hospitality team did a great job, making our visitors feel at home. And our teachers gave a great class to our children.

It was a good Sunday, not because of the number of people, but because of the sense of unity that permiated the whole service. We were blessed with his presences among us… again.