The first reason I strongly believe that Christos Community is a signature church, is because we have and enjoy a culture of grace.

I’d be hard pressed to find a place, other than my church, where I have been offended the most. We have people from Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Mexico. And that is only counting those who speak Spanish! Most of the time, the offenses are due to the plethora of cultures we have, at church. And most of the time, what is being said / done is offensive in my own culture, but not in the person saying /doing it.

As a Christian, why is this good for my spiritual formation? Mainly because it shows, very clearly, that the love God has given us for one another is bigger than our cultural differences.  I can sincerely love someone different than me, not because I am special or smart, but because God is willing and able to redeem me, my culture, and the one of my friend. My growing concern for the spiritual transformation of those who are not like me, is a testament to the power of God the Holy Spirit’s ability to change my heart and mind.

I love my church because there I have the opportunity to see God in action… in me!