I have many questions for God, and I will admit, some are more serious than others. Some times I wonder why is that He decides to allow us to know certain things, but He keeps others secret. Is it too much information? Is it that we cannot handle the truth? This universe is full of mysteries, and things that we do not know how they work, or why they work in the way they do.

Amazingly enough, though, God has decided to declare to us, in plain and simple terms, the biggest mystery of them all. In His infinite wisdom, the LORD is letting us in to the answer of the most profound question that exist: Why does God love His people? If we understand the fact that God is complete in Himself, then our answers, one by one, will be dismissed as inapplicable: He loves us because He needs something from us… He loves us because that is what God does… He loves us because He can… In Ephesians 1, God gives us the foundation of His adoption for us

… In love 5(L) he predestined us[b] for(M) adoption as sons…

Then, He explains with what purpose

6(O) to the praise of his glorious grace…

He has adopted us in love, not out of obligation, not based in our performance. And He has adopted us to display His glorious grace. He could have done it in many other ways, but He decides to use us as the messengers, as living proof of what His love and grace are capable of.

If you have been adopted, know that now you are free. Free from dependency of circumstances to find satisfaction, free from fear of being alone, free to love others. You, beloved, are free to love Him.