Galatians 4.

I am really surprise to see how many references to be enslaved are presented in this passage. And I really need that reminder. My sin slaves me; it takes away from me the ability to glorify God, and enjoy Him. And the sad part is that I want to be a slave to sin. Naturally, I do not want to search for God. My heart would go, without God’s help, after anything and everything that is not Him. It is not that I want something more than God, the reality is that my heart is so numbed by my sin that I would be satisfied (at least, I would think that for a moment) with anything, with way too little compared to the glory that He can provide, and that my heart really needs.

Only an intervention of God can change my heart, giving me a glimpse of His beauty, restoring my desire to get to know Him.

May He allow all of us to experience that freedom.