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Inside and outside

At Christos, we highly value feeding on scripture and enjoying one another.  But we also try to focus outside ourselves, to love those who don't know Christ or don't worship with us.  Why?

  • We want to impact people's lives
  • Want want to avoid a sick form of Christianity that is only internally focused
  • Loving outsiders is a critical part of knowing Christ


Agape is the word in the original language of the New Testament for love.  More than a noun or a feeling, it is a verb... an action.  Our efforts at Christos to serve used to be called the "Service Well."  But we have put a lot of work over the last several months into re-thinking how we love, and we are renaming our efforts "Agape" or "Agape Love."  We've put these thoughts into a booklet (one in Spanish & one in English).  You can pick up a free copy from the library shelves outside the sanctuary or click below to download an e-copy.  The booklet answers 4 questions:

  1. What is the relationship between impact and love?
  2. What is a significant danger of trying to love?
  3. What is the best motive for love?
  4. How can we practically love?

The booklets have space for your responses and are intended as the beginning of a dialog.  We'd love to know your thoughts!

agape-cover-Esp     agape-cover-Eng

What is this page?

It is a partial list of opportunities for loving that we have at Christos.  When you first come here, all opportunities are displayed.  You can filter them with the options on the left.  As soon as you click a filter box, the results will update (no need to reload the page).  To get more information about any of them, including how to get involved, click on the title.

What if I have an idea for a new opportunity?

Great!  The list here depends a lot on your input!  Send your ideas or any other questions and thoughts to Jonathan via email.

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Camp Leonardo – Summer

Varias necesidades. Al menos una hora de tu tiempo | Several needs. At least one hour of your time. La Semana Uno de Camp Leonardo – Summer inicia el lunes, […]

April 10, 2019

Fixing the lights | Arreglando las luces

Replacing fluorescent tubes in Main Foyer | Reemplazo de tubos fluorescentes en el vestíbulo principal

Prayer team for Camp Leonardo

Camp Leonardo uses the arts and science to serve elementary aged students in our area.  But we don’t just want to see them mature in their education… we want to […]

April 12, 2018

Hospitality: Table of Fellowship

Preparar la Mesa de Compañerismo, antes del servicio de adoración. Limpiar y guardar suministros, despues.

September 19, 2015

Pray for our sister who serves in a difficult place

One of the sisters who worshiped with us for a while recently married and went to serve in a country that is very antagonistic toward Christ followers.  We are not […]

May 16, 2015

Worship music team

The worship music team would be delighted to have you join them.  They are especially in search of singers and percussionists. You could join them once a week, once a […]

Toddler Praise Time

Be teacher’s helper for 20 minutes as she leads 1-4 year olds to worship our great God.

Your neighborhood

There are people all around us desperate to know Christ and with many well hidden needs.  There are ways to love them individually or as a community.  Why not get […]

Pray at Home for Children’s Ministry

Do you long for our kids to know and follow Christ?  Intercessory prayer is key…

Errand for Children’s Ministry

Serve C3 kids behind-the-scenes in an administrative way making copies

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