I think I am afraid. I have the impression that there are many unseen obstacles, for the launch of public worship services. Do we really have what it takes to start a new church? No, no really. No if we trust in our own plans and ideas. No if what we expect is a ton of people to come, and join us in worship, starting from Sunday 1. We are heading for failure, if we believe that just because we are a mission of Big-P, we are entitled to see everything going our way. No, we do not have what it takes. No in our own strength… but in His… the story is totally different! He is the one who will make his church grow. He is the one who will changes more and more every day. He is the one who has secured the victory. Why? Because He is willing and able. Because that will bring fame and renown to his name.

So, what is in it for us? We have the amazing oportunity to see our God in action. And once you grasp a glance of his Majesty transforming the hearts of humans, you will never want to look away.