What comes to mind when you think of studying scripture?

Here are some common attitudes we can have…

  • The Defeated
  • The Negative
  • The Closed Heart
  • The Microwave Approach
  • The Positive
  • The Receptive
  • The Expectant
  • The Persevering

The Defeated.  I won’t be able to understand, so why study anyways?
The Negative.  I’d like to study, but I doubt it would be helpful to me or anyone else.   Why waste the time just to get it wrong?
The Closed Heart.  I have a hard time putting any trust in such an old document.
The Microwave Approach.  It better be quick and easy or I’m not interested.
The Positive.  I know I may not understand everything, but I am sure what I do understand will be helpful.
The Receptive.  I don’t know exactly what God wants to show me or what He wants to do in my life, but I trust Him enough to listen.
The Expectant.  Thankfully, the Holy Spirit is the real teacher, and I believe He has something for me in the word.
The Persevering.  I know it will take some work, but it will be worth it!*

No matter what kind of experience you have had in the past, you can trust the God who gave us the most influential book in all of history and preserved it through the ages.

Come join some fellow journeyers as we learn together.  We would love to have you with us this Sunday after church to learn more!  Bring some food for yourself or to share or enjoy some soup we’ll have for you.

*(adapted from The Joy of Discovery, by Oletta Wald)