…and since we have a great priest over the house of God, let us draw

Hebrews 10:21,22

It feels strange to speak of Jesus Christ as our property. Mainly, because we normally think of what we own as material, inanimate objects, and not people.

Certainly not the Owner and Creator of everything.

And yet, this is not the firs time in Hebrews that we are told He belongs to us.

This reality that Christ Jesus belongs to us begs the question: How? In any other religion, the answer to that question is merits. The idea is that if you work really, really hard, if you do the right things then you are rewarded.

Because you deserve it.

And that is where Christianity is different. Scripture makes it clear : we do not serve it, because of our sin.

And yet, we have it.

All because of His grace for His people.

Because having Christ is a blessing we do not deserve.


In the way the author of Hebrews writes this passage, he has two things in mind when he declares we have a Great High Priest : Proximity and Benefits. In other words, he is not saying that having Christ as ours is something nice, like something you bought once, and then put it away in storage. No, the writer is saying that we must know that having Christ means He is near, therefore we can really know Him, and that we are the recipients of the benefits coming from His completed work of redemption.

Because Christ is ours, we can get so close to Him that we can get to know Him, here and now.

Because Christ is ours, the benefits of His work are credited to us, therefore we can approach God.

All because of His grace.


These, amados, are the blessings we do not deserve, but because of Who He is and What he has done, we get to own.


Remember His grace.