glass of waterPretend you have just had a long day of working outside in the hot sun… your feet ache and your shirt is sweaty.  Your throat feels like sandpaper and your lips are cracked.

Then someone hands you a big glass of cool water.

But at the last minute they mention, “there is a little bit of poison in it.  But most of it is pure, life-giving water.  So… enjoy!”

If the water in that glass represents the gospel, what does the poison represent?  You may be surprised!  We’re going to look at this question and more this Sunday in the Galatians Inductive study.

New Schedule

We have changed the schedule so that we are now alternating with the “Our Faith” study group.  In our schedule here you can see some of the topics that each chapter will address…

  • Feb 9: Topic:  “how do I pick the right gospel?”(intro to the inductive study book; and Galatians 1:1-24 practice and discussion.  Homework: Galatians 2)
  • Feb 23: Topic:  “the gospel doesn’t impact my day to day life, does it?”(Galatians 2 discussion.  Homework: Galatians 3)
  • Mar 9: Topic:  “the rules in the bible tell me how to please God, right?”(Galatians 3 discussion.  Homework: Galatians 4)
  • Mar 23: Topic:  “how can I know if there are idols in my life?” (Galatians 4 discussion.  Homework: Galatians 5)
  • Apr 6: “what is real spiritual freedom like?” (Galatians 5 discussion.  Homework: Galatians 6)
  • (tentative) Apr 27: [Topic:  TBD] (Chapter 6 discussion)