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Every Sunday, at Christos Community Church (C3), you will hear about our mission, about the way we want to fulfil the Great Commission. We say that we exist To See, Enjoy, and Share the Beauty of Jesus Christ in cultural diversity.

Do you know where you are in this process? Do you know about the opportunities we have for you to be cultivated as a humble follower of Christ?


I hope you can find an answer to these questions in this diagram. You can zoom into this image by clicking on it. You may also try to download it, or open it in a new window / tab for a better result.



Like the map for a transit system, in any large city, C3D Map can provide you with an idea of where you are, in your discipleship journey, and if you have a particular interest in mind, C3D Map can give you different ways to get there.


If you have any questions about it, you could either post them here or email me directly; I will do my best to answer them.


Gracia & Paz



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