If you have any family or friends who are religious, perhaps you have heard statements like these (or perhaps you have thought them)…

  • “As long as a person does their best, that is what matters to God.”
  • “Just like paths up a mountain, all religions lead to God.”
  • “Since we can’t lose our salvation, the gospel is for unbelievers, not believers.”

So, what good does it do to be religious?  What relationship does the gospel have to someone who is already a believer?

If we want to love our friends and family well and if we want to experience the freedom God intends, we need to understand these topics.  That is where our chapter for this Sunday (Galatians 3) comes in!

We have learned over the last few times we meet that there is far more in each chapter than we are able to extract during our short time together.  So if you would like to get more out of our study or if you want to practice the bible study skills we are learning, here are some things you can do over the next four days.   Any of these will be helpful, and all would be great.

  • Read the whole chapter 3 times
  • Make a list of things that we learn about ‘the law’ from this chapter (especially its purpose)
  • Then try to answer this question: what is the purpose of the law?

But if you are not able to do these things, that’s ok.  We would still love to have you!  Soup and childcare will be provided.


We have changed the schedule so that we are now alternating with the “Our Faith” study group.  In our schedule here you can see some of the topics that each chapter will address…

  • Feb 9: Topic:  “how do I pick the right gospel?”(intro to the inductive study book; and Galatians 1:1-24 practice and discussion.  Homework: Galatians 2)
  • Feb 23: Topic:  “the gospel doesn’t impact my day to day life, does it?”(Galatians 2 discussion.  Homework: Galatians 3)
  • Mar 9: Topic:  “the rules in the bible tell me how to please God, right?”(Galatians 3 discussion.  Homework: Galatians 4)
  • Mar 23: Topic:  “how can I know if there are idols in my life?” (Galatians 4 discussion.  Homework: Galatians 5)
  • Apr 6: “what is real spiritual freedom like?” (Galatians 5 discussion.  Homework: Galatians 6)
  • (tentative) Apr 27: [Topic:  to be determined] (Chapter 6 discussion)