Epilogue for sermon preached on February 1, 2015.

Hebrews 2

Man is awesome, but he is also a mess. That’s what our sin has done to us. But God has intervened, becoming like us – but without sin – and  enduring humiliation, thus demonstrating His holiness and His love for us. Out of His Incarnation and Humiliation come real and practical benefits for us.

And the benefit I’d like us to focus on is this: Christian, Jesus is not ashamed of you.


For he who sanctifies and those who are sanctified all have one source. That is why he is not ashamed to call them brothers

Hebrews 2:11


God is at work here! He is willing and able to restore us back to Him, His work is certain and His salvation is secured (all because of His Beauty), therefore He knows we will make it. It’s His character that deals with our past, provides for the present, and secures our future.


And that’s why He is not ashamed of us.


Because He is not ashamed of you, Christian, then you can…


Come to Him in confession. There is nothing in your life that will shock Him. There is nothing He wouldn’t be able to deal with.

Enjoy His love for you. His Incarnation and His Humiliation is clear evidence of how much He loves you. He has clearly demonstrated it, and you can completely trust it.

Share His mercy with others. He’s removed all excuses from us, and he is now our High Priest, full of mercy and faithful. Christian, you can now share with others what you have received.


He is not ashamed of you because He knows what He has done to deal with your sin. Christian, How are you going to respond to this great salvation?


Gracia & Paz