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The Lord Jesus Christ took suffering and death – the results of our sin – and used them for His glory, and for our benefit, in the restoration of our hearts. Using the very things our sin produces, He destroyed the enemy, and rescued His people.

Since therefore the children share in flesh and blood, he himself likewise (AI)partook of the same things, that (AJ)through death he might (AK)destroy (AL)the one who has the power of death, that is, the devil, 15 and deliver all those who (AM)through fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery.

Hebrews 2:14,15


My need to pretend

Those are great news, don’t you think?! That Jesus Christ came to destroy the enemy of our souls, and to rescue His people are great news. Why is, then, that we do not respond? We keep living our daily life as if His Work and His Person were something nice, interesting, and very good… But with very little to do with us.

It’s because we do not think those news are for us. Maybe for the religious. Maybe for the rich. Maybe for the poor. or the smart, or the handsome. Or, out of a false sense of humility, we may believe that those news are for those in real need, not us. We can handle it. At very least, we must try to do something about it ourselves, before bothering God.


Because of our sin, we have a strong need to pretend that we are something else. Our sin gives us the wrong idea about who we are.


What really unites us

Scripture clearly says this message is for everyone.


and deliver all those who (AM)through fear of death – verse 15


For surely it is not angels that he helpsHebrews 2:16


he is able to help those who are being tempted verse 18


So, there is not need to pretend. There is no need to have all figured out before asking Him. If you fear death, if you are not an angel, and / or if you are tempted, then this message is for you. He came to destroy the enemy, and to rescue His people. He is willing and able to help.

That is the message for you.


The details of our sufferings are different, but we all know what suffering is. We all, in one way or another, fear death. And, for sure, none of us are angels, right? That is what really unites us : regardless of culture, regardless of specific details we all are in a state of sin and misery.

What really unites us is our deep, deep need of Christ. We all need Him to come, deal with the results of our sin, destroy the enemy, and rescue us.


The Champion we need

We all come from different backgrounds, but we all are in need of help.

We need some one to fight for us. We need a champion.

Christ Jesus is the Champion that we all need.


He, being God Himself, instead of addressing small details of our sin, instead of having just good wishes for us, He fought the strongest opposition our sin could produce : suffering and death.


He Himself suffered. He Himself tasted death.

And He won. He is alive. He is at the right hand of God the Father, right now, praying for His people. And one day – soon – He will come back.


Through His suffering and death He was able to keep God’s justice intact, because sin deserves God’s punishment. He was also able to demonstrate His love for us. The price He paid was not cheap; He was not guilty and yet, He carried our punishment as if He was. He was humiliated in our place. That was a great price to pay.

But there is something else.

His suffering and death removes all our excuses, they eliminate the source of our distrust. There is no one here who could say, “Jesus Christ, you just do not understand.” No one can say, “I’m not sure if He really loves me. I do not know if He really means it.”


Why would He battle death and suffering for us? Why would He, willingly, allow to be humiliated in our place? A natural response would be that, in some weird way, there is some value in us. The truth is that, the main reason He has done it is because of His grace. In other words, the reason is not who we are, what we do, or what we have to offer in exchange of His help. The reason is that He wants to make it clear : there is no one else like Him.


Because of His grace, He has taken on suffering and death, for His glory and for our benefit. That’s what establish Him as the Champion we need.


He is willing and He is able

What the Bible wants us to know is this:

The Lord Jesus Christ took suffering and death – the results of our sin – and used them for His glory, and for our benefit, in the restoration of our hearts. Using the very things our sin produces, He destroyed the enemy, and rescued His people.


This message is for everyone, because everyone suffers and fears death, because we all are sinners.

In the way He has address the strongest results of our sin, He has clearly demonstrated that He can help us, that He can rescue us. And, by offering us His help, totally based on His grace and not on our performance, He has demonstrated that He is willing to do so.

No hopeful thinking here.

No empty promises.

No lets see what happens.


What we have, here, is the certainty of His grace, and love, and mercy. What we have here is the certainty that no matter who you are, or what the particulars of you sin are, He is willing and able to help.


For because he himself has suffered (AR)when tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.

Hebrews 2:18



How should we respond?

First, we need to respond with repentance and confession. Even if we are already Christians, we must confess that this week we lived apart from this reality, from this message. We tried to impress God, or we thought that these news were not for us.

And maybe, this will be the first time you talk to God about these things. Maybe this is the first time you sincerely repent of how you have been living, and confess to Him your sin, and your unbelief.


Together, let us do that, right now.


Then, let us celebrate the help He provides. Again, lets talk to Him about the particulars of the suffering we are facing.


Remember and believe : He is willing and able. He has taken suffering and death, destroying the enemy, and rescuing us.


Gracia & Paz