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The Means of His grace helping us to find our participation in His work of Redemption


What does the LORD require?

Micah 6


Ex Libris Alexus Minimus

A commentary from the pastor’s library

Now when the prophet says do justly, seek mercy (or kindness) and walk humbly before God, it is clear enough that the first two points refer to the second table of the law.… Nor is it strange that he begins with the duties of love of neighbor. For although the worship of God has precedence and ought rightly to come first, yet justice which is practiced among men is the true evidence of devotion to God. The prophet therefore names here justice and compassion, not because God omits the first essential of religion, his worship, but because he is here defining true religion by its manifestations. Hypocrites connect all holiness with external ceremonies. God requires something very different; for his worship is spiritual. And because hypocrites can pretend great zeal and great concern in external prayer to God, the prophets examine the life of men in a different fashion. They ask whether men deal with others justly and kindly, whether they are innocent of all deceit and violence, whether they practice justice and compassion. Our prophet follows this rule when he says the law requires men to practice justice with one another, and then to busy themselves in acts of mercy. Afterwards he adds what is really the prior demand, walk humbly with God.

Haroutunian, J., & Smith, L. P. (1958). Calvin: Commentaries (p. 316). Westminster Press.



Knowing the Person & Work of the Triune God of the Universe.

How does the reality of His justice and grace show His holiness?



Motivation and support to imitate His humanity through the service to others.

How is the veracity of the Gospel demonstrated when we pursue His justice, mercy, and communion throughout our daily life?



Telling others about His work in your life.

What makes this complete message (He is the righteous judge AND our merciful Heavenly Father) regarding His Beauty so needed today? How can you be better equipped to share it with others? Pray accordingly!


Extra Resources

The importance of Holiness

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