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The Means of His grace helping us to find our participation in His work of Redemption


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

Deuteronomy 30


Ex Libris Alexus Minimus

A commentary from the pastor’s library

Paul, with very good reason, accommodates this passage (deut.30:11) to the Gospel, (Rom. 10:8;) because it would profit nothing to comprehend the doctrine itself in the mind, unless reverence and a serious disposition to obey be superadded. But he takes it for granted, that to have a good will is so far from being in our own power, that we are not even competent to think aright. Hence it follows, that what is here stated falls to the ground as frivolous, and spoken to no purpose, if it be applied simply to the Law. Paul also considers another thing, viz., that because the Law requires a perfect righteousness, it cannot be received by any mortal fruitfully; for however any one may study to obey God, yet he will still be far from perfection; and, therefore, it is necessary to come to the Gospel, wherein that rigorous requirement is relaxed, because, through the interposition of pardon, the will to obey is pleasing to God instead of perfect obedience. For Paul insists on the latter verse, “The word is nigh in the mouth, and in the heart, that the people may do it.” Now, it is clear that men’s hearts are strongly and obstinately opposed to the Law; and that in the Law itself is contained only a dead and deadly letter; how then could the literal doctrine have a place in the heart? But if God, by the Spirit of regeneration, corrects the depravity of the heart and softens its hardness, this is not the property of the Law, but of the Gospel

Calvin, J., & Bingham, C. W. (2010). Commentaries on the Four Last Books of Moses Arranged in the Form of a Harmony (Vol. 1, pp. 413–414). Logos Bible Software.



Knowing the Person & Work of the Triune God of the Universe.

Review chapters 29 and 30, looking for all references to the loving communion His Person & Work secure between Him and us. How would you describe such a love for you?



Motivation and support to imitate His humanity through the service to others.

The details of what it means to choose life-goodness-blessings are given at the end of chapter 30; how are these details present in your daily service to others?



Telling others about His work in your life.

What happened the first time you realized you needed to choose life-goodness-blessings? Be ready to share your story with others.


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