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The Means of His grace helping us to find our participation in His work of Redemption


It is good for us to be here

Matthew 17


Ex Libris Alexus Minimus

A commentary from the pastor’s library

‘And when they heard this, the disciples fell on their faces, and they feared greatly’ (17:6). This is the quite predictable and proper response to God’s presence. Both visible and verbal aspects of the revelation affect the disciples, but heard (a participle of akouō) suggests that the Father’s voice is yet more awesome than the bright cloud out of which he speaks (2 Pet. 1:16–18 mentions only the voice).
Jesus now takes his first recorded action on the mountain (Matt. 17:7; in v. 2 he is acted on by the Father); in face of his disciples’ fear, he does three things. First he comes to them. This verb, proserchomai, occurs no fewer than fifty-two times in Matthew; but only twice is Jesus the subject—here and in 28:18, where again he is in a glorified state. Then he touches them. This verb, haptomai, appears eight other times in Matthew: in every case the effect of Jesus’ touching, or being touched, is a healing miracle. His purpose here is no different: his disciples are afflicted—paralyzed—with fear. And then Jesus speaks to them (the verb legō). Upon hearing the Father’s voice, they ‘feared greatly [ephobēthēsan sphodra].’ Now the Son’s voice reassures them: ‘Rise, and stop being afraid [mē phobeisthe].’

Chamblin, J. K. (2010). Matthew: A Mentor Commentary (pp. 850–851). Mentor.



Knowing the Person & Work of the Triune God of the Universe.

Have you personally experienced verses 6 and 7? What did you learn about His Beauty through that experience?



Motivation and support to imitate His humanity through the service to others.

How do you enjoy the reality of His presence through service (going down the mountain with Him)?



Telling others about His work in your life.

Ask the Spirit of the Living God to allow you to tell others about His resurrection (v.9). Share the experience with the members of your Small Community, if possible.


Extra Resources

The Mount of Transfiguration

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