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The Means of His grace helping us to find our participation in His work of Redemption


Raised with Jesus

2 Corinthians 4


Points from the Sermon

  • Incluso con buenas razones para ello, no nos desanimamos, porque Él se ha dado a conocer. Even with good reasons for it, we do not lose heart, because He has made Himself known.
  • Conocerlo a Él resalta Su poder insuperable y no nuestras habilidades intrínsecas. Knowing Him highlights His surpassing power and not our intrinsic abilities
  • Este poder insuperable se manifiesta en la Resurrección de Cristo… ¡y en la nuestra! This surpassing power is evident in the Resurrection of Christ… and in ours!
  • ¿En que nos fijamos? ¿Vivimos conscientes de este Contraste? What are we looking at? Are we living aware of this Contrast?

Which of these points do you consider the most important? Why?



Knowing the Person & Work of the Triune God of the Universe.

What does the juxtaposition of this life (v.8-9, 17a) and the rapidly approaching glory (v. 14, 17b) say about the Person and the Work of the Triune God?



Motivation and support to imitate His humanity through the service to others.

How can service that is humble, compassionate, and generous assists us to “… fix our eyes… on what is unseen”?



Telling others about His work in your life.

How do verses 10 through 12 relate to our evangelistic efforts?


Extra Resources

Find online resources regarding Sanctification & Glorification, Christian Hope, and  Evangelism & Martyrdom, and share them in the comments below.

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