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Sermon notes for February 8.

Regardless of our cultural background and preferences, as humble followers of Jesus Christ we all are called to the same standard : to be like Him while we wait for eternity.

Because of the time and place where we are living, there are many options regarding how to live this life, while waiting for Him. There are honourable causes out there, fights worth getting involved with, and lofty goals to pursue. But because our constant struggle with our sin, we must be reminded of the source of our peace and gratitude, as we strive not to neglect the great salvation He has worked for us.


Payment had to be made for our sin, and none of us could do it; we are not good enough to meet God’s standard of perfection.

But Jesus Christ could. and He did.


He became the perfect substitution for us (Hebrews 2:10).


How? With His Incarnation, Humiliation, and… suffering.


Through suffering He became perfect to take our place on the cross, atoning for our sins. Does that mean that He was not perfect before, or that, in some way, He had to earn the right to be our substitution? Not at all. It means that because He suffered, all our excuses are gone. No one would ever be able to say that God didn’t have any skin in the game, that all this was a mere business transaction, a job that needed to be done.


His suffering is another piece of evidence that everything Jesus Christ did, was for God’s glory and the benefit of others.

Because of His willingness to suffer, demonstrating beyond any doubt the depth of His love, we now can find peace knowing that the enmity between God and us is resolved. And out of gratitude we should be able to find strength to follow Him, in humility.


Gracia & Paz