It’s great to see the king asking for wisdom. Scripture clearly says that Solomon loved the LORD, and people “perceived that the wisdom of God was in him to do justice.”

And we know that Jesus Christ is the Wise King; He didn’t have to ask for it, He is wisdom.

How does the restoration He is working in the heart of His people reflects the wisdom of the King? When people look at His Church, do they perceive His wisdom in the selection of those individuals?

Just a brief look at creation can testify of His wisdom. A quick analysis of the inner works of the human body, for instance, would clearly demonstrate how wise He really is.

How is the selection of those He call His own can also demonstrate His wisdom? Lets be honest, Was that a good move?


It was.


Because by choosing the people He’s chosen, He’s clearly showing that there is no god like Him.

No one else would have chosen us.

No one else would be able to love us.


Think about the implications of His wisdom-fueled love for His people. That means His love is not casual. It’s intentional, despite our messiness (sin). It’s secure.

It also means He is not ashamed of you.

Think about the implications.

Because He is not ashamed of you, you are now free. You are free…

… To repent and confess your sins to Him

… To worship Him

… To be used by Him to expand His Kingdom.


In His wisdom, He can use you to reach others.  Who may they be?


Gracia & Paz