Solomon’s kingdom was getting a lot of attention, from a lot of people


34 And people of all nations came to hear the wisdom of Solomon, and from (AJ)all the kings of the earth, who had heard of his wisdom.

1 Kings 4


How is his kingdom similar to Christ’s? How are they different?

In this chapter we read great things about how Solomon’s kingdom was growing in success, in almost all fronts – political , economic, social. You can make the case that because of Solomon, people of Israel were obtaining the equivalent of the American Dream of antiquity.

Solomon was providing for his people.

In that, he is similar to the King.

But Solomon was also, slowly at the beginning, growing in unfaithfulness and pride.

That is NOT like King Jesus.


The people of Israel never really complained. They really never told the king that he was going the wrong direction. Why? Because they were busy enjoying success. Because of our sin, we can turn God’s blessings, the very blessings that were supposed to bring us closer to Him, into idols.

We also read that people from all nations came to admire Solomon’s kingdom. But they came, and latter they returned to their places of origin. Almost like tourists.

In His Kingdom, He will also bring unto Himself people from all nations, tribes, and languages. Because of His sacrifice on the cross, God the Son satisfied the wrath of God the Father. Then, God the Holy Spirit takes the benefits of this sacrifice, and applies it to His people’s heart, restoring them back to Him. They will never have to leave His Kingdom. He has paid for them to become His, to become His adopted children.

And while there, one of the many things His children can admired is His truth. This truth is about:

  1. Himself – His character and nature
  2. Us – our real condition due to our sin
  3. What He has done to solve this problem – the depth of His love, grace, and justice demonstrated in His Incarnation, Humiliation, and Exaltation.


Can we see how much we need to hear this truth?

Are we being blinded by the success of this life?

Are His blessings being stained with our sin, becoming objects of idolatry?


Beloved, How much do we really think we need Christ Jesus?


Gracia & Paz