How do we really know if we are being transformed by God the Holy Spirit? Well, that is the question, isn’t it? Looking at the last verse of chapter 6, and the first one in chapter 7, one can tell there is something off with Solomon’s heart.

And once again, it’s evident that we are not that different from him.

Our priorities are not always in alignment with God’s Kingdom. But we can be thankful that King Jesus always has the right priorities.

It seems that Solomon is more interested in building his own palace than God’s temple. Now, technically, he did what God called him to do: the temple is done.

But now, the real desire of his hearth shows up: he wants a really big house.


We also look at God’s character, as described in Scripture, and turn it into a to-do list. We believe that if we do certain things “for God,” then we will be free to do what we really want.

Because of our sin, the priorities in our heart are in disarray.


If you want to know if you are being transformed by God the Holy Spirit, consider the priorities if King Jesus. He did everything for

  1. God’s glory – to clearly demonstrate there is no one like Him.
  2. The benefit of others – for those who are not like Him, i.e. us, His people!


If you can see a growing desire for these priorities, if you find satisfaction not on your own condition, but in how clearly people can see God’s goodness, and how much you can bless others, then you can rest assured that He is at work in you.

Those are the right priorities.


Gracia & Paz