Solomon is done building the temple. He knows his work is finished, but he also know it’s not enough: He still depends, totally, on God’s grace, goodness, justice.

And his prayer reflects that reality.

That is not the case with King Jesus’ prayers.


Our King also knew His work was finished, but He knew it would be enough to restore His people back to Him. Nothing lacking, nothing else to add.

And His prayer reflects that reality.

Read St. John 17 to find out how the King prays for His people. In this prayer, He asks for three things in our behalf:

  1. Holiness
  2. Unity
  3. That we maybe with where He is at.


Crazy requests, I know. But each one of them backed-up by His Beauty : the Person and the Work of our King. The certainty that comes from this prayer makes it easy for us, His people, to engage this life. He makes it possible for us to give ourselves away, for God’s glory and the benefit of others. He makes it possible for us to emulate Him.


Those are our directives: to live this life in a way that makes it clear to others, and to ourselves, that there is no other God like Him, and to live it being a generous blessing to others, specially if they are not like us.


But, What about our own happiness? The more He transforms us into the likeness of our King, the more we can say with Him,


 Jesus said to them, (A)“My food is (B)to do the will of him who sent me and (C)to accomplish his work.

John 4:34


For the subjects of the King, that is the real source of happiness.


But, What if I don’t feel like doing such things? What if I have doubts? First, remember He is faithful. Then… try it. Even if it is in small amounts, go ahead and love someone. Start small, asking Him to warmup your heart, and to allow you to see Him more clearly, through the changes in your heart.


Gracia & Paz