Is God really holy? That was the question someone asked me this week. This person was looking around, finding nothing but clear evidence of the devastation our sin is capable of, and questioning God’s reason no to do something and fix all this, right now.

God is holy.

And in His holiness we can find the rest, peace, solace we need here and now.


Solomon is reminded of how formal God is, in the way He relates to His people. Even when God extends His grace toward us, He is still holy. He still demands perfection, and we are still incapable of impressing Him, with our accomplishments or with our own righteousness.


Only King Jesus can satisfies the formal requirements of God’s justice.

And it’s because of that satisfaction that, then, God can give us His forgiveness.



Because of God’s character we must have holiness in high regard, and enjoy the certainty of His love and restoration.


Naturally we cannot stand the fact that Scriptures constantly reminds us of our condition, our real condition, and His holiness. The Bible brings up the reality that there is an infinite gap between us and God.

That is not a nice place from where to face life, our heart will try to convince us.

So we come with different ideas, either about us or about Him. Ideas fuelled by our own sin.


But that place, constantly remembering our condition and His holiness, is the perfect place to face life… if we know the Beauty of Jesus Christ.


If He allows you to know His Beauty – Who He is and What He has done – you will enjoy the ability to follow Him in humility, praising Him for all the goodness He has given you. You will also enjoy an ever-increasing ability to do things for God’s glory and for the benefit of others, even if that means giving up a few of the things that are rightfully yours.


While we wait for His return, that is the way to live this life.



Gracia & Paz