The One Point.

The Beauty of Jesus Christ – His Person & Work – is such that it pierces through our problems, to provide real, significant, and intimate opportunities to know Him better.


[dropcap2]I[/dropcap2]t seems like every time His Beauty intersects daily life, problems arise. Look at Nehemiah, in chapter 6. He wants to follow God’s call for him he wants to be God’s instrument and What does he gets? Trouble!

The source of this problems is our own sin, which is really a formidable enemy. You can see it in the way Nehemiah is being attack: persistently, creatively, and with the very specific purpose of strike fear in his heart.

But even we, within the community of believers, are still affected by sin. Because of that, we could respond to our problems, to our suffering in a wrong way.


What we learn from Nehemiah response:

  • Don’t be afraid of what you are feeling, not even of fear, when facing problems in this life. However, do not use those feelings to guide your actions.
  • He is not an example of a fearless leader, but a testimony of how His Beauty can pierce through problems, providing real, significant, and intimate opportunities to know Him better.
  • This is God’s purpose for your suffering : that you learn more about Him, and that you enjoy a deeper communion with Him (look at how naturally Nehemiah’s prayers are)


For you to consider

When facing tribulations, How do you enjoy His Beauty in an intimate way?