In Mt. 10, the Lord Jesus talks about the cost of following him. He said that to be a disciple of His is not an easy task. Personal, family conflicts will be the norm. The economy of His Kingdom is upside down, from this world’s perspective, since finding my life would mean to lose it. But losing it for His sake is the only way to find it.

And the conflict is not only external, influencing just my relationship with other people, but it is internal, modifying my perspective of myself. Following Jesus could be a very sexy thing to do. Something that radicals do, and being radical is cool. Serve the poor, feed the hungry, provide shelter for the homeless… all that could make me think that I am earning a whole lot of brownie point. All that could be me think that there is something I am contributing to the transforming power of the Spirit. But He includes a safety device in His discipleship process. He adds a watchdog instrument that will prevent my mind and heart to go over the other side, and become proud and arrogant. It is called the cross. And He says I need to own it. Embrace it. Make it my own. Take it. He says I need to do this before I can start walking with Him. The cross is vital for my understanding of what Jesus has done, is doing, and will do. How does a cross-carrying life looks like? How does a following-Jesus life looks like? Lets talk about it.