I wento to the movies last night, with my family. Since we all, at the Villasana household, are crazy about books… and the economy… we went to the dollar theater to see InkHeart. It is a good movie, and the most interesting part was when one of the characters that have been brought out of a book, into this reality, meet the author of that particular book. The writer was facinated to see the character he created in paper, now a real blood-and-flesh person. He was marveled, surprised really, by how much development this particular character has gone through. The character was not limited by how the writer designed him originally. On the other hand, the charcter was terrified to meet his creator, since he didn’t know the ending of the book, and he didn’t want to know what the writer had determined for him. At one point, the character said to the writer, “You are not my god!I determine my own destiny.”

How different from an encouter with the Author of everything. An encounter wit Him whom has created everything and sustains everything will never leave you the same person. As sinners, the idea of facing Him whom alone is holy, holy, holy is terrifying! But once we experience his grace, it becomes the liberating event of our soul. I am not affraid to know what the Author has determined for me. I do not know the details, but I know that it will be for his glory, my joy, and the salvation of the nations.