It is wy too easy to get discourage in our spiritual journey, especially after missing God’s call for us. Often times, we believe that because of our shortcomings, the Lord will cease to use us, or even worst, He will dismiss us altogether.

Abraham’s life is a great example of how God interacts with those who are his. He will never excuse our sin, as something natural in our life. He keeps his justice by providing the pay for our penalty. However, most of the time we face the consequences that in this life are generated by our sinful actions. Despise our sin, and since it has been covered by the righteousness of Jesus Christ (who is God himself, in the flesh), God goes farther than just providing his salvation; He establish a very intimate relationship with his redeemed. In this case, we see Abraham enjoying a meal with the Lord, and then interceding for those in the cities the Lord is about to destroy.

Meals, times of refreshments, prayer, concern for others, a higher value placed on the relationship than into absolute theological understanding, all elements of our organic relationship with our LORD.