If we are children of God, we are supposed to live this relationship during every aspect of daily life. We are not called to put it to work only in certain areas, or only during certain circumstances. Our relationship Redeemer-Redeem is not a hot line we are supposed to use only at times of emergency.

Abram interacted with God. He followed God’s order of moving to another place, far from his family, his city, his country. Yes, he failed in some areas. He didn’t believe all the time, but nevertheless, he interacted with his LORD. This knowledge of God was impacting everything in Abram’s life. So many times, we look at our relationship with God as yet another element in our arsenal of weapons to face life. It is good to have religion, we are told. It is great to believe in someone or something, as long as you believe. But this is not what God has in mind for us. God is the God of wonders because he talks to us. He has reveled himself to us, not because anything good in us, but because he is very good toward us. And this conversation we are having with Him, is an ongoing affair. We need to interact with Him, listening, enjoying, applying.