What makes God so especial? What makes Him the God of Wonders? God does what you would expect from the Almighty: He creates and sustains life, He directs the whole order of creation, He is just and loving… but how much loving? Well, He reveals Himself to us, His people! That is unexpected, if you ask me. Why would He do it? Why would He want to communicate with us?… with me??!! Because He is great. Because He does it for his own glory. Because of His grace. Because He is the God of Wonders.
In Genesis 15, we can see how God goes the extra mile to assure Abram that He will fulfill His promise. God makes a covenant with Abram, a unilateral covenant. God walks between the animals that have been sacrificed, swearing for Himself, since there is no one greater than Him, that He will keep his promise (Hebrews 6:13)
That is how much God loves His people. He promise, which in and by itself should be enough, and then He makes a covenant guarantied by His own character.