Have you ever seen something that is simple in its design? Something that accomplishes a whole lot, and yet, it’s not complicated and it’s expressed in terms that make it easy to use?

Think Google’s home page.

Think Android OS.

Think God’s generosity.

Simple does not mean that His generosity is free or provisional. It doesn’t mean that it has limits, or that if we try very hard, we could find something better for us.

Simple means that it does not depends on anything else; that it is complete and effective in and by itself.

But it still blows our minds away.


Because of our sin, so many times we lose sight of His simple generosity, and we start looking for something else. Our sin convinces us that we need something more, that we need to go deeper. Then, our spiritual journey starts to get evaluated not on how His simple generosity is transforming us, but on how much excitement we can experience while we pursue God. Or we add to the Gospel. Maybe not directly, but maybe with some over-spiritualized concepts like community, authenticity, or missions.


In Psalm 138, David reminds us of two simple truths related to God’s generosity:

  1. He is with us, to the point of knowing us totally.
  2. He will accomplished His purpose for us. For sure.


I’m sure this is not the first time you hear these truths.

And I wouldn’t expect you to be surprised by them.

And that, beloved, is the problem.


Think about it: What are the implications of these simple truths? If He is with us to the point of knowing us totally, then we are allowed to talk to Him, He listens, He understand our situation – even if we cannot explain it. And He keeps being with us. No matter what. He is not ashamed of being seeing in public with us. Actually, the fact that He hangs around with the lowly (i.e. with us!) is the very reason His glory is clear to the nations, moving them to sing His ways.

And if He will accomplish His purpose for us, then the question emerges : What is our there that would prevent us from living this life, for His glory and the benefit of others? We are free to worship. We are free to engage. We are free to forgive and love. Amados, there is no better way to wait for His second coming than living life this way.


Do you want an example of His presence with us? Look at Jesus Christ, God the Son.

DO you want an example of His faithfulness? Look at our Helper, God the Holy Spirit.


Christian! How are you going to enjoy His presence this week? Because He will accomplish His purpose for you, Do you need to make any changes in the way you are living this life, now? You are more than welcome to share your comments here.


Gracia & Paz