Many times, what we see in the Bible is the deepest of our misery, as humans. The Bible never denies our real situation before the Lord. It also shows His love and mercy, and how His personal intervention is the only solution to our problem with sin.

In Genesis 21:1-7, we can see how things should work; we see how we are should interact with our Lord. This passages shows us that getting to know God is the source of real satisfaction for our heart: satisfaction that we want to remember, and pass to the next generation (circumcision), a satisfaction that is celebrated in community (“everyone who hears”), a satisfaction that marvels us in the deepest way possible (“who would have said…?”)

It is important to remember, however, that getting to know God is not an endeavor the human heart is inclined to naturally.  In the first two verses, we are reminded three times, that it is the Lord who is the initiator of the encounter.