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Public Discipleship. Post No. 5

My first inclination, when facing a point of friction in life, is to jump into “let me fix this” mode.


At those moments, when things are not adding up, when the elements of life and my expectations of them are not in sync, contemplation and deep thoughts seem wasteful and even irresponsible.


We are called to be productive, right? Our mandate to subdue earth, no?


This euphoria – the belief that I can actually do something about the issue in front of me – is short-lived, it stands while I’m thinking about it but then, when all of reality whooshes in, it comes crashing down.


Needless to say, I have missed many opportunities to see Him clearly. My limited view of reality prevents me from getting to know Him and myself better.


Over the years, this whole situation happens less and less – His Kingdom is advancing in me! There is a significant difference between what I think I am capable of, and my actual abilities, and the more God the Holy Spirit continues with His faithful work in me, the more I can see that difference. As His Gospel progresses in my heart, the disciplines of fasting and prayer have become sweet and delightful, to me. They no longer feel like a chore, something I have to do, yet another item in my to-do list or my toolbelt. Now, at the points of friction here and now, His Beauty allows me to consider all of reality, ask deep questions – like, What’s my standing before you, LORD? – and find the answer in Him.


What about you? How do you go through those points of friction in life?


May He make His face to shine upon you.


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