super novaWe’re planning to sing El Dios Que Adoramos tomorrow.  It’s one of my favorites.

So many voices in our life steal our joy by trying to convince us that God is small.  But this song pulls from many scriptures to clear the fog and remind us He is the only One that gives life meaning.  Here’s two examples…

Nadie es como Él, Oh gran Yo Soy

… no one is like Him, oh great I Am.  It reminds us that, when Moses asked God His name, He said “I am who I am.”  And Christ self identified as the great I Am as well, recorded many times in the gospel of John.  My favorite is in John 18, when Christ asks the arrest mob who they were seeking.  They tell him Jesus of Nazareth.  He says, “I am” (check your bible footnote to see the literal Greek).  What do they do?  “They drew back and fell to the ground.”  It’s a mysterious passage, but it seems that they caught a brief glimpse of the eternal, all-powerful God who had taken on our flesh.

A Él sea la gloria y el poder, Todo es de Él y para Él

… to Him be the glory and power, everything is from Him and for Him.

  • We try and get glory in so many fleeting ways.  But as Revelation 4 records, all the glory and power belongs to Him and shall return back to Him.
  • In the end of Romans 11, Paul can’t contain himself any more after surveying God’s sovereign, loving plan of redemption.  All things are created by God, exist by His sustaining power, and are ultimately for His glory!

Actually, most of the songs tomorrow help to strip away the God-shrinking blindness that we are surrounded by.  Come and drink deeply of Him!