It is easy to dismiss 1 Cor. 10 as something that does not applies to us, today. Who of us is involved in idolatry, as the ancient Jews were? But a closer analysis of the text will reveal that we are at the same risk as they were, of setting our own gods after our own corrupted image, based on our own desires.

The first clue is the repeated phrase “[do not do]…as some of them did”. With this repetition, Paul is bringing to the attention of the church in Corinth, the reality of falling into idolatry, if in a different form than the past, never the less, with the same results.

God’s help is ever present in times of trouble. Paul reaffirm God’s provision of a way out, when His people are facing temptation. This way out is not an end to temptation, but a way to endure it. This way out comes in a two parts: God’s power to flee from idolatry, and God’s power to desire to do things for His glory.

Where does this power come from? How can one access it? The key is living our life in total dependancy of Christ. Paul said it, at the beginning of chptr 11.