core valuesSunday mornings can be crazy, and so many things can happen between the time we wake-up, and when we arrive at His house, to worship. And so many times, after worship, the rest of the Sabbath passes in a blur, and when we less expected, it’s Sunday evening, and the working week is about to start.

Here you have five suggestions on how to get ready for Sunday. Let me just give you a hint : it all starts on Saturday.

The secret here is twofold. First, let us try to be intentional. Worshipping the only true, living God is the highest point in the life of any Christian. The fact that He allows us to come closer to Him, all because of His Beauty, is not a license to be casual or disrespectful in that approach.

Second, let us invest some time on planning ahead. Many surprises can be averted if we take some time, starting on Saturday, considering what we will do on Sunday.

These are five simple suggestions that I hope will help us all.

  1. Decide what you will bring to the Table of Fellowship.
  2. Pray for our liturgist, musicians, and the preaching of His Word.
  3. Read the text that will be used on the sermon.
  4. Decide who would you try to encourage, on Sunday morning.
  5. Make plans to enjoy the whole day.


You do not have to do all these things at once. You can pick one or two, try them for a while, and then move down the list.

And do not forget, these are only suggestions. Take the ones that will help you, and your family, to worship Him well.

If you have any other suggestions, please free to share them in the section for comments, below.


Gracia & Paz