At our church, our vehicle for discipleship is the small community. In these groups, believers and unbelievers share their lives, allowing those who are exploring Christianity to see what it is all about, and those who are already followers of Christ to continue with their journey of spiritual transformation.

Our process for discipleship is the same as the mission of our church. We want people to see, enjoy, and share the beauty of Jesus Christ in diversity. Now, from the SC leader perspective…

…how would people see the beauty of Christ? Love them! Invite them into your world, and visit theirs.

…how would believers enjoy the beauty of Christ? Give them opportunities to serve! Support their efforts to study a Core Value, and practice a Spiritual Discipline.

…how would you share the beauty of Chrit? Guard your own heart! Be intentional introducing God’s Word and God’s people to those you are serving. Be in contact with the elders of the church.