It happened again; this idea is coming back to me, and I am not sure what to do with it. This is the scenario: a teenager is having a difficult time at home, being pressured to decided between staying at school, and getting a job. Or maybe is between pursuing her dream of having a different (better) life than the one traditional associated to her cultural background, and continue in the line of work that is a tradition in her home.

What if, powered by Christos Community Church, we had a small community that help these kids with micro loans? Let me call it C3Micro. Here, you have a general description of this idea. Please, keep in mind that it is Monday early morning, this idea is far from being completed.

  • There would be a required reading list for the applicant (The Art of the Start, for sure)
  • The loan would be a max of $450. Interest free.
  • It would have to be paid back within  a year.
  • The applicant must summit a business plan, or follow the directions in The Art of the Start, to present her idea to the board of C3Micro
  • The applicant must interview, at least, three Christian business persons to gain some idea of what it takes to be successful.
  • C3Micro could have a database of ideas the applicant could use to jump start the process.
  • Every person that contributes, at least, $350 to the C3Micro general fund would be part of the board

What do you think?