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Public Discipleship. Post #4

No one would mistake me for a kind person, in my younger years. Early in my life I was more of a controlled-anger kind of individual.

And kindness is still something difficult for me to express, even now.

But I can clearly see the inroads into my heart taken by His Kingdom; His Gospel is advancing inexorably. 

It is not an easy battle, kindness vs justice, because both are affected, warped by my own cultural preferences. Is this real kindness, or am I showing my favoritism? Whose justice am I upholding, mine of His? Are kindness and justice really that much in opposition?

To make matters worse, I enjoy debates – debate teams is one thing I wish we had in high school, back in Mexico. This blindspot often makes me overlook kindness; it often clouds my vision and the only thing I can see in front of me is an argument to conquer, a victory to grasp. 

Then, there are two more elements we could add to this already volatile mixture: Politics and the times we are living.

You will be hard pressed to find an environment more hostile to kindness toward others than my heart, in its natural condition. But that hostile environment is what He addresses with His Beauty. He is not afraid of it; His Gospel can handle it; His Kingdom is advancing over it and, eventually, His Kingdom will take over.

Because of His Beauty, I am an expert on kindness – His kindness. I know what it feels like to need it, and I know how it feels like to delight in its warm embrace.

I am deeply thankful that the Triune God of the Universe allows me to see kindness increasing in me. It is still a difficult battle, with enemies who are serious about it, but I know the God of all peace and glory is at work. I know that He is faithful and that we will certainly be victorious.


What about you? How difficult is it for you to express kindness?


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