Romans 8:12-17

It is not an option, coming to think about it. It is not something that will make my life easier, for the sake if making it easier. God’s adoption of me is not like the cheese they add on top of yous pasta, at an Italian restaurant; that is a nice touch, but you can do without it. No, I need to be adopted.  Without His adoption, I have no life whatsoever. If I do not belong to Him, then I am living by the flesh, and that beloved, is one scary thought. I know, I have been living with myself for a long, long time now. I know the darkness in my heart. I know the corruption of my mind. I know the crookedness of my own desires. Trust me, it ain’t nice in there.

But because He wants and He can, He adopted me. Me! And then He gave me life, because He made my heart His home. And not only that, He constantly gives me the evidence that He, God the Holy Spirit, is in me. He changes my heart, my mind, my desires. He gives me the ability to look for the things that please Him. He empowers me to keep the flesh at bay