“It is not fair!” How many times have we said that? And how many times have we thought about it? It is not only little kids having an argument, over some rules of the game they are playing, who will present this complain, questioning the very fabric of this caos we call life, but we adults also raise this doubt about the daily experiences. How nice would it be to reach a place where fairness could be expected every time we were confronted with an argument with other human being.
The Israelites thought they were in such a place. 1 Kings 3:28 says they perceived Solomon to be God’s instrument to secure justice. But Solomon’s heart was divided… and that is never a good thing; sin – when left unchecked – will find a way to distract us from true worship.
The only true just judge is Jesus Christ, God in the flesh. And it is his justice, and not our opinions or desires, that is the best answer to our dilemas.