When facing the pains of life, so many times we have the tendency to look for new ways to do so. ‘New and Improved’ is a label we search for, when analyzing how we could tackle the suffering that infest our life. Even if we are well off, with an stable financial situation, with no major health issue, our hearts are restless. A natural response to this need of peace and stability is to locate our hopes on the shoulders of our leaders, of those bestowed with more authority, knowledge, or abilities than us. We are constantly looking for someone to trust.

The first verses of Zechariah chapter 1 lay down the foundation for the rest of the book. It is also a reminder that there are no new ways to deal with the old problem of sin. There are not new alternatives, God has not changed, He is not using a new method to rescue His people. It is the same old way to solve the same old problem: return to the Lord, or in other words, repent! And God’s promise is that He will return to us, too. He will receive us into His family, without no reproaches, without any hidden agenda. God’s grace was, is, and will be deep enough to deal with all of our transgressions. His mercies are renewed every morning, and His love will endure for ever.

At the closing of the Old Testament, in preparation for the opening of the New Testament, God reminds His people of His ways have not changed. He remains the same. And that, beloved, should be very comforting news for us.