Our actions are not devoid of meaning or significance. They are not independent from what we really believe. And they are not without consequences.


At today’s sermon we talked about how deep those consequences could be. The individuals described by Jude went from selfishness to affecting others to open rebellion against who our God is and what He has done.


But that Beauty – His Person and Work – can give us the ability and desire to live according to Him, to see the reality of this life intersecting with the reality of the reconciliation He alone can work between us.


There, at that intersection, there is satisfaction and fullness.


As we get ready to tackle our work week, consider all those places you will doing life at. Think of the people who will be surrounding you. What could happen if they were to see that reconciliation His Beauty has secured for you, clearly at display in your life? What would the impact be of living out His grace and – with your actions – declaring that Christ Jesus, God the Son, relates? Please, pray accordingly.






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Nuestras acciones no carecen de sentido o significado. No son independientes de lo que realmente creemos. Y no son sin consecuencias.


En el sermón de hoy hablamos sobre cuán profundas podrían ser esas consecuencias. Los individuos descritos por Judas pasaron del egoísmo a afectar a otros a una rebelión abierta contra quién es nuestro Dios, y lo que Él ha hecho.


Pero esa Belleza, Su Persona y Obra, puede darnos la capacidad y el deseo de vivir de acuerdo a Él, de ver la realidad de esta vida intersectando la realidad de la reconciliación que sólo Él puede obrar entre nosotros.


Allí, en esa intersección, hay satisfacción y plenitud.