Fasting simplifies things for me. It slows life down enough to be able to take a deep breath, and reconsider everything. When fasting I’m reminded of the simplicity of life sustainability; we really don’t require much for this life, if He has allowed us to know His Beauty.


What is what I need, really?


Water. Air. His Word. His presence. His work of restoration operating in my heart.


The World is constantly giving me its opinion about what I need, about what I want or should desire.


Buy. Get. Acquire. Win. Obtain.


Then, through fasting, the Spirit resets my point of view. He comes and refines my sensitivity to His work, His presence, and the needs of those around me.


Fasting and praying. A simple way to be reminded of what really matters, and of the right perspective for this life.


Gracia & Paz