At Christos Community, we only have one vehicle to do ministry. It is the same we use for discipleship, and everyone in part of it, regardless of maturity. It is our Small Communities (SCs). The components of a SC are:

1. A group of people. This group, of at least two, provides the basic ground to invest one’s life in someone elses. The dynamics of human interaction are very important, since we are not called to live Christianity in a void.

2. A common passion, or area of service. Working to keep people together, this passion / service gives everyone in the SC a common goal.

3. Study of a Core Value, and the practice of a Spiritual Discipline. Those in a particular SC will study God’s Word togeher. They will find out what Scripture says about one of our core values (grace, community, gospel, growth, Lordship of Christ), and one spiritual discipline (prayer, worship, study, stewardship).

The first two components provide the organic nature of any SC. The third component gives it a structure. This allows for a very good balance for the development of solid disciples.