profile_pictureI wonder if Peter would have used Facebook.  If he did, what might his profile page have looked like?

In our Galatians inductive Bible study on Sunday we practiced the skill of observing in a chapter all the things we can about the people in that chapter.

In Galatians 2 there is a lot we learn about Peter, and they help us understand how we can recognize when something poisonous is being added to the gospel.

Did you know?

These are all observations about Peter from Galatians chapter 2…

  • Peter was a Jew
  • Peter was considered one of the key leaders in the early church
  • Peter was commissioned to take the gospel to the Jews
  • Peter visited Antioch
  • Peter was afraid of the other Jews sent by James from Jerusalem
  • Peter used to each with Gentiles, but when these Jews came, he separated himself
  • Peter’s actions twisted the gospel
  • Peter was publicly rebuked by Paul for his hypocrisy

So what?

In the last post on Galatians we used the illustration of how it just takes a little poison to ruin a pure glass of water. From Peter’s actions in this chapter, we learn that the gospel is the same way.  Anything we try to add to what Christ did to earn our acceptance with God the Father actually poisons the gospel.

“How about some examples?”

There some things that get added to the gospel that are formal and explicit.  Others are harder to see.  Can you tell which is which in this list?

  • “you’re not a Christian unless you speak in tongues”
  • “I can’t believe he voted for _____.  I thought he was a Christian.”
  • “Christ did most of the work on the cross.  We still have to put forth effort in order to go to heaven.”
  • “Did you see the people in that other church?  They are so weird.”
  • “Of course we are saved by grace.  But God didn’t save us to let us just sit around.”
  • “How can anyone worship using that music?”

New Schedule

We have changed the schedule so that we are now alternating with the “Our Faith” study group.  In our schedule here you can see some of the topics that each chapter will address…

  • Feb 9: Topic:  “how do I pick the right gospel?”(intro to the inductive study book; and Galatians 1:1-24 practice and discussion.  Homework: Galatians 2)
  • Feb 23: Topic:  “the gospel doesn’t impact my day to day life, does it?”(Galatians 2 discussion.  Homework: Galatians 3)
  • Mar 9: Topic:  “the rules in the bible tell me how to please God, right?”(Galatians 3 discussion.  Homework: Galatians 4)
  • Mar 23: Topic:  “how can I know if there are idols in my life?” (Galatians 4 discussion.  Homework: Galatians 5)
  • Apr 6: “what is real spiritual freedom like?” (Galatians 5 discussion.  Homework: Galatians 6)
  • (tentative) Apr 27: [Topic:  TBD] (Chapter 6 discussion)