The preaching of God’s Word is fundamental for the life of our congregation. Generally speaking, it serves the purpose of equipping, encouraging, and challenging the believer with God’s truth.

It also serves as a warning and an invitation, for those who may not be part of the family, yet.


But,  How does preaching assist in reaching the end result of discipleship?


Since that end result is to cultivate humble followers of Jesus Christ or, in other words, we would like to have a ever-increasing ability to step out of our particular human culture, for God’s glory and the benefit of others, the preaching schedule at Christos Community has been design to help us move toward that end.


The discipleship process we follow, in the pursue of the end result, is described in our mission statement:

We exist to see, enjoy, and share the beauty of Jesus Christ in cultural diversity.


To See His Beauty : Understanding Who Jesus Christ is, and What He has done

To Enjoy His Beauty : Applying the gifts He has given us, for our benefit and the benefit of those around us

To Share His Beauty : Living in expectation to be used by Him to challenge, encourage, and support others to follow Him


And to support this mission statement, our preaching schedule has two cycles through the calendar year:


First Cycle

  • We are called to know Him (Seeing His Beauty) Jan – Apr, based on Ephesians
  • We are called to edify one another (Enjoying His Beauty) Apr – June, based on Hebrews
  • We are called to be His instruments (Sharing His Beauty) June – Aug, based on Nehemiah


Second Cycle

  • We are called to submit under His kingship (Seeing His Beauty) Aug – Oct, based on 1 Kings
  • We are called to celebrate His generosity (Enjoying His Beauty) Oct – Dec, based on Psalms
  • We are called to proclaim His return (Sharing His Beauty) December, based on Daniel



As we go through this preaching calendar, please pray that our LORD may give us success as we emphasize, with His Word, each of the components of our discipleship process.


Gracia & Paz