The sermon for this Sunday, November 9, will be based on Psalm 138 as we continue exploring our response to His generosity : Thanksgiving.

All the readings we will use on Sunday come also from the same Psalm.



Series : Called to enjoy His Generosity – Thanksgiving

From last Sunday : A clear understanding of our condition, His Beauty, and the gift He is given us should result in uncontainable desires to make Him known.

Sermon : Thankful that He knows me, personally.

The One Point : God is completely other. He is holy. And yet, He regards the lowly.

Challenge for this week : How could we express thankfulness because He regards the lowly (us)?


Words of Welcome

Psalm 138:1,2



Call to Worship

Del Salmo 138 :: From Psalm 138

With all the kings of the earth,
let us give thanks to the LORD.
For we have heard the words of His mouth,
for great is the glory of the LORD.
Con todos los reyes de la tierra,
demos gracias al SEÑOR.
Porque hemos oído las palabras de su boca,
porque grande es la gloria de Jehová.

Confesion, Seguridad, Gratitud

Salmo 138:3:: Psalm 138:3

El día que clamé, me respondiste;
Me fortaleciste con vigor en mi alma.

On the day I called, you answered me;
my strength of soul you increased.



Sermon – English on the screen

Salmo 138:6,7

6El Señor es excelso,
pero toma en cuenta a los humildes
y mira[a] de lejos a los orgullosos.
7Aunque pase yo por grandes angustias,
tú me darás vida;
contra el furor de mis enemigos extenderás la mano:
¡tu mano derecha me pondrá a salvo!