058-prodigal-sonThe second implication of the Beauty of Jesus Christ – His Person and His Work – according to Hebrews 10.


Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for (E)he who promised is faithful.

Hebrews 10:23


The implications of the Good News are effective for everyday life. They do not prevent us from experiencing pain and suffering, but they provide the right perspective to face life – all of it. We, as humble followers of Jesus Christ, must know what we believe and why; we must know our confession and its details, so that we can hold fast to it, taking it to a direct encounter with real life.


That is what His Truth is for. It’s not supposed to stay within the four walls of our buildings, and it’s not only for intellectual enrichment.


By holding on to our confession, and running with it toward life, we will be in a very good position to be of testimony, to be His instruments for others to See Him. We will also be in a good place to experience, first hand, His faithfulness.


Christian! remember:

  1. Never get used to God’s grace. It is the foundation of the Good News.
  2. Discipleship never ends on this life. We must constantly revisit the Good News, run to face life, fight, come back, and repeat.
  3. Use the means He has appointed:
    • His Word
    • Prayer / Worship
    • Sacraments
    • His people


Challenge of the week

Think about a recent problem you faced, and the way you responded to it. What does that response say about what you really believe? What does it say about what you are really holding fast to? Repent, confess, celebrate accordingly



Let us remember His grace.