Alex’s Commentary

By His grace, mercy, and generosity, the Triune God of the Universe responds to the question “Can we know God?” with a resounding yes. Using the words looking and considering, the writer of Hebrews affirms the truth that God has made Himself know, that you and I can get to know Him in person and by His actions. Inspired by God the Holy Spirit, the writer gives us honest details regarding the here and now:

  • It is race.
  • We have a weight that slows us down.
  • There will be shame and hostilities. 

He also affirms that we not only have a worthy example to follow in the humanity of Jesus Christ but that He is our Champion, the One who fights for us, ensuring the fruitfulness of His work in us, assisting us to follow that example with ever-increasing faithfulness. 


For Your Consideration

  • How are our enemies, mainly our own sin, trying to convince us to “move on” from the Truth that Christ Jesus is the foundation of the Good News?
  • How does the Triune God tell you what is the race He has set before you to run?
  • What is the main weight that slows down your race? How does sin cling so closely to your heart?
  • What has Jesus Christ done to be worthy of the title Champion of our Soul?
  • What can you do to know the Archetype of our Faith better? How can the means of His grace help you in this endeavor? 


Extra Credit

  • What other passages in Scripture point at knowing Him (seeing His Beauty) as the starting point of our spiritual transformation?
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